China’s CMGE and Microsoft Cooperate to Introduce GPT Technology for Gaming

Chinese mobile game developer CMGE announced on May 15 that it has signed a cloud service framework agreement with Microsoft. The two parties will carry out extensive cooperation in the fields of cloud computing, big data, Azure OpenAI and other information technology. CMGE stated that AI can increase output efficiency by 20% to 30%, and reduce costs by 30% to 40%.

CMGE stated that its main game products will be compliantly connected to Azure OpenAI services, and its large-scale model capabilities will be applied to future company game product research and development and operations, achieving cost reduction and efficiency increase while also bringing richer gaming experiences for players.

CMGE’s open-world martial arts metaverse game “Sword & Fairy World” will be the first to localize and deploy Microsoft GPT technology, customizing and optimizing training for a large language model specifically for the game.

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The “Sword & Fairy World” is based on the setting of “all things have spirits”, constructing an oriental fantasy world where monsters and humans coexist. With the blessing of spiritual energy, specific monsters are endowed with exclusive skills or buffs. Players need to rely on these monsters’ help to complete plot progression, explore the vast world, and even solve puzzles in various ways.

This game released a demo video and opened pre-orders on April 27. It is expected to obtain the approval number in China within this year.

Currently, there have been many attempts and applications of AI technology in the gaming industry, mainly focused on virtual player generation, dynamic NPC interaction, game content creation and other aspects. With the assistance of Azure OpenAI technology team, CMGE will be able to enhance its AIGC competitiveness and optimize R&D efficiency in intelligent NPC interaction, UGC editor and other scenarios.