Chinese Companies Including Tencent Initiate Open Source Operating System Community OpenCloudOS

On Wednesday, the open source operating system community OpenCloudOS was officially launched. More than 20 operating system manufacturers and users, including Tencent, PowerLeader, Inspur and OPPO, became founding members.

The operating system is the core basic software, and its importance has been recognized by the industry. However, for some manufacturers and individual users, the potential risks of the current supply chain should not be underestimated. By the end of 2021, CentOS, the mainstream operating system software in the industry, will cease being maintained, which makes a large number of users fall into security risks.

With the concept of open source gradually gaining popularity, Chinese enterprises are becoming open source contributors and promoters. Therefore, Tencent and its partners jointly initiated this OpenCloudOS.

The community is committed to building a completely neutral, fully open, safe, stable and high-performance operating system and ecosystem. Complete neutrality means that there is no manufacturer label in the community and it is not dominated by any single manufacturer. Being completely open means that Chinese and foreign operating system R&D companies can be gathered together. Community members can also make consensus decisions.

As a Chinese open source operating system community, OpenCloudOS enjoys the advantages of Tencent and many manufacturers in terms of resources, and receives support in cloud-native technologies, software and hardware, which can support all hardware platforms equally and comprehensively.

At the beginning of its establishment, OpenCloudOS decided to become a neutral community without manufacturer label, and will become a member of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation in the future. It will be hosted and supervised by the Foundation in a standard open source community mode, remaining neutral and open. The community will be jointly governed by its members.

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On the technical path, OpenCloudOS hopes to adopt the joint R&D of leading operating system manufacturers. Members will ensure the security of the system and will build derivative commercial versions.

As one of the main sponsors of the OpenCloudOS community, Tencent has accumulated technology in the field of operating systems for more than 10 years.

The TencentOS Server is an operating system developed by the company itself. In 2010, Tencent decided to develop its own operating system according to its unique requirements on performance and security, because the open source operating system Tencent used in the initial stage could not meet the increasingly complex business needs. While improving the performance during the application of TencentOS, Tencent officially opened its source in 2019, and fully opened its technologies accumulated in nearly 10 years to global developers.