Chinese Cybersecurity Firm Qi An Xin Technology Wins Over $10 Million in International Orders

Qi An Xin Technology, a Chinese cybersecurity company, announced on Friday that it has made a major breakthrough in its international business, winning 70 million yuan ($10.98 million) in orders. This cooperation focused on Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) monitoring.

Qi An Xin Technology Group Co., Ltd., established in 2014, specializes in providing enterprise-level network security technologies, products and services for government bodies, enterprises, educational and financial institutions and organizations. Its related products and services have covered many central government departments, state-owned enterprises and banks.

According to its official website, Qi An Xin Technology has the world’s leading APT tracking and analysis capability. The first comprehensive APT organization disclosure report in China has been released by the company. It also monitored 47 hacker organizations that have launched APT attacks against Chinese entities. More than 100 APT activities that affected major institutions such as leading enterprises, government organizations and related infrastructures have been discovered and dealt with by Qi An Xin Technology.

Qi An Xin Technology’s winning new international business orders will play an important role in the development of Chinese network security providers. While network security enterprises are focusing on the domestic market, overseas markets have also become a battleground for them, and the overall performance of network security stocks is expected to be boosted by network security enterprises going global.

According to Grand View Research, from 2020 to 2027, the global network security market will maintain a compound annual growth rate of 10.0%, and by 2027, the global network security market will expand to $326.4 billion.

The “Three-Year Action Plan for High-Quality Development of Network Security Industry” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposes that the scale of China’s network security industry will exceed 250 billion yuan ($39.22 billion) by 2023.

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In recent years, the number of zero-day vulnerabilities used by exposed APT organizations has increased dramatically, and the affected platforms are all systems and products with monopoly market shares. Global APT organizations are focusing on attacking medical research, network security, energy, trade and other industries, and the scale of attacks continues to increase.

As a leading network security enterprise in China, Qi An Xin Technology’s operating income in 2020 is 4.161 billion yuan, ranking first in the domestic network security industry.

Experts in the industry have said that under today’s complicated international situation, only companies that have technological advantages can win market share and benefit from the continuously growing scale.