Chinese Mobile Game Publishers Earned Over $2.22 Billion in March

According to a report released by Sensor Tower on Thursday for March 2022, a total of 38 Chinese manufacturers were shortlisted in the publisher’s Top 100 global mobile game revenue list. In total, these mobile game companies garnered more than $2.22 billion, accounting for nearly 40.2% of the total revenue of these 100 developers.

With the launch of Genshin Impact 2.6 and the newest character in the game, miHoYo, the maker of the game, increased its revenue by 18% month-on-month, returning to the third place. Together with Tencent and NetEase, which ranked first and second, the Top 3 game developers in the list were all from China.

In this same period, the mobile game revenue of 37Games increased, which helped the publisher’s total revenue increase by 11% month-on-month. Its product “Song of the Clouds on the City” achieved growth six months after its listing in South Korea.

Due to a special launch promotion on March 11th, the revenue of Leiting Games’ mobile game “Yinian Xiaoyao” increased by 23% month-on-month, setting a new record one year after its listing. In addition, the revenue of “Wendao” mobile game, which is about to usher in the 6th anniversary of its listing, increased by 62% month-on-month. Driven by these two games, Leiting Games ranked the 10th in the list.

Perfect World launched its “Fantasy New Jade Dynasty” in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, China in mid-March. With the revenue growth of products such as “Tower of Fantasy” and “Jade Dynasty” in the Chinese market, the publisher’s revenue increased by 31% month-on-month, ranking 20th on the list.

King’s Choice, an empire-building-simulation game owned by ONEMT, has seen rapid growth in its revenue since its launch ten months ago. In this period, its revenue has increased by 26% month-on-month, helping the publisher move up three spots to 23rd.

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Following the successful launch of the 2D mobile game “ROXNextGeneration” and “Figure Story”, in mid-March, Nuverse launched “Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest” overseas. At present, this new product has a five-star rating of over 85% in the US and Southeast Asia.

Other game developers who made it onto the list include Duoyi, Star Union, BOKE Technology, Zlongame, Chuang Cool Entertainment, X.D. Network Inc., Yalla Group and Hero Games.