Chinese Mobile Web Browsers Will Conduct Self-Inspection and Rectification

Several Chinese mobile internet browsers issued self inspection and rectification notices on Tuesday, and will fix existing network problems from now until Nov. 9.

The move came after the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said on Monday it would carry out a “rectification” of these browsers to address what it called social concerns over the “chaos” of online information. And eight widely used mobile browsers, including UC, QQ, Huawei, 360, Sogou, Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo, were included in the first batch of key rectification scope.

“For some time, mobile browsers have grown in an uncivilized way… and have become a gathering place and amplifier for the dissemination of chaos by ‘self-media’,” the CAC said.

The CAC said that the rectification will solve several prominent problems, including the spreading of rumors and fabrication of news, use of sensational and exaggerative headlines and content, and release of information against the core values of socialism, such as the dissemination of vulgar pictures and videos.

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“After the rectification, mobile browsers that still have outstanding problems will be handled strictly according to laws and regulations until related businesses are banned,” the CAC said.

In recent years, China has tightened control over social media outlets. In June, the CAC summoned and penalized the country’s major online live streaming platforms for spreading “vulgar” content, calling on these platforms to improve the quality of content.