Chinese Regulators Announce $1.19B Fine on Didi

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) on July 21 issued a series of punishments for Chinese ride-hailing platform Didi, following a digital security review.

The announcement shows that after verification, Didi indeed violated China’s Network Security Law, Data Security Law and Personal Information Protection Law. Didi was therefore fined 8.026 billion yuan ($1.19 billion). Will Cheng, the chairman and CEO of Didi, and Jean Liu, the president of Didi, were each fined 1 million yuan ($147,900).

CAC also answered questions from reporters on issues related to the case. In July 2021, the regulatory body conducted a network security review on Didi. The embattled firm was discovered to have committed 16 illegal actions, which can be summarized into eight categories.

The illegal behavior reportedly started in June 2015 and lasted for seven years. Didi allegedly has been collecting personal data such as user clipboard information, screenshots in photo albums and family relationship information through illegal means, which seriously infringes user privacy and personal information rights and interests. In addition, Didi illegally handled 64.709 billion units of personal information, including face recognition, accurate locations, ID numbers and more.

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In response, Didi said that the company will carefully carry out rectification based on Chinese regulators’ requirements.

Didi president Jean Liu is now leaving the company, although her next steps are unknown, an anonymous source told Pandaily.