Chinese Tech Giant Xiaomi Joins CCC Board

Beijing-based technology company Xiaomi announced Thursday that it has recently become the newest member of the board of directors for the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC).

The CCC is a global cross-industry organization dedicated to developing standards for smartphone-to-car connection solutions. The organization has more than 100 member companies, including famed automobile manufacturers such as General Motors, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, smartphone manufacturers such as Google, Apple and Samsung, and many first-tier automobile suppliers and software developers.

Xiaomi, as a major smartphone manufacturer, ranked among the top three globally in terms of 2021 market share. Its MIUI is also one of the smartphone operating systems with the largest number of users. According to official data, Xiaomi‘s AIOT platform has connected more than 400 million devices.

As smartphones are increasingly used in scenarios such as mobile payment, public transportation and access control, automakers and phone makers alike are starting to focus on digital car key functions within smartphones. The technology allows owners to unlock vehicles and start engines through mobile phones, and also supports key sharing with friends.

In this context, Xiaomi has cooperated with many car companies and realized the digital car key function on its own mobile phones. Establishing a standard for digital car keys is important for the adaptation between different brands of smartphones and cars, and can simplify development and enable more functions.

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As one of the earliest digital car key schemes, the CCC Digital Key Specification uses NFC technology to realize the function on smartphones and other devices. The CCC 3.0 Digital Key Specification, which includes BLE/UWB technology, has been issued accordingly. This safe and efficient digital car key scheme has been recognized by many enterprises and developers.

As a core member of CCC, Xiaomi has paid attention to the development of its digital key specification since 2020, and has chosen it as one of Xiaomi‘s own car key solutions.

After being invited to join the CCC Board of Directors, Xiaomi will become more deeply engaged in formulation of the organization’s standards, implement the latest industry standards, further promote the technological innovation of digital car keys, protect users’ privacy and data security, continuously improve the user experience, and apply it in more smart devices and cars.