Chinese Version of TikTok Might Add Random Match Function for Video-Chats

Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, is reportedly testing two new functions: “Connect” and “Acquaintances.” The “Connect” button is expected to replace the ”Open Live Broadcast” button originally located on the video shooting page. “Acquaintances” could replace the “same city” button on the bottom menu bar, with the “same city” option rising to the top menu bar, similar to the menu of Douyin’s competitor Kuaishou.

ByteDance told 36K that “the connect function is still at the small-scale test stage.” The function will randomly match users to video-chat. The function is not new to the market and has already been embedded into apps like Tiki and Monkey.

To use the function in China, users will be required to complete real-name authentication with their mobile phone number and a scan of their face in order to prevent illicit activity.

“Connect” will utilize users’ public information and their location to facilitate matches. If the connected users decide to take their communication to the next stage, they will have to send an application to the connection assistant who will help them add each other as friends.