Chip Developer Unicore Communications and NVIDIA Reach Ecological Cooperation

Unicore Communications, Inc., a highly integrated chip manufacturer based in China, announced on Friday that its global navigation satellite system (GNSS) positioning modules have been adapted to the NVIDIA Jetson AI computing platform. This provides a stable, efficient and convenient application development environment for autonomous robots and related industry applications based on precise positioning.

Autonomous machines have well-developed digital “brains” that can intelligently perform tasks within their environment according to relevant instructions. As an ecological partner of NVIDIA’s autonomous machine system, Unicore Communications, Inc. can provide high-precision GNSS data for autonomous machines.

Unicore Communications’ basic GNSS positioning modules such as the UM982, along with the NVIDIA Jetson platform, have achieved multi-source integration to realize multi-source fusion processing of collected data and obtain accurate positioning coordinate information. Unicore Communications, Inc. will also provide a software development toolkit (SDK) development environment for multiple versions of the robot operating system (ROS), effectively shortening the R&D cycle and lowering the threshold for independent robot development within different industries.

On the other hand, NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin is suitable for the development and application of various next-generation machines, with a computing power of 275TOPS, small size, low power consumption, full-stack software resources and comprehensive ecosystem, thus helping users speed up development.

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Autonomous driving robots with a medium and low speed can be used in many scenarios, such as urban settings, which require very high positioning accuracy and reliability of autonomous driving robots. The UM982 module is based on Nebulas IV, a whole-system full-frequency RF baseband integrated chip independently developed by Unicore Communications, Inc., which has excellent positioning and orientation performance in complex scenarios.

With the empowerment of AI and other emerging intelligent technologies, the application of autonomous machines is becoming more and more widespread. Meanwhile, the application environment is gradually moving from the original closed environment to the outdoors. The GNSS products based on position and precise time are like the sensory system of intelligent robots, which provides the robot system with all-day, all-weather high-precision positioning and time information, and is gradually becoming an indispensable part of autonomous mobile robots.