Christmas Gift Ideas – Tech Edition

Best Christmas gift ideas

Buying Christmas gifts for friends and family can be one of the most stressful parts of the holiday season. But don’t worry! We’ve got you! We have collected some tech gifts you might not have thought about and that definitely won’t disappoint. Here are some tech gifts ideas of all different price ranges.

Rotating Tie Rack

Let’s be real who wouldn’t want a rotating tie rack? They might be expendable but they look really cool! The tie is a staple piece in every man’s closet and you can never have too many. This gadget is a neat way to keep them organized. This rack can hold up to 45 ties and it also features built-in LED lights so that you get a clear view of your chosen tie. An excellent upgrade from the classic tie gift.

Price: $19
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Rotating tie rack (photo source:Amazon)

Magic Wand Remote

Hold your hippogriffs, it’s a working wand!

With a swish and a flick of this universal remote control wand you can turn up the volume on your stereo, pause the show you’re watching or change the channel of your TV. It communicates with infrared light and it has 13 different movements that you can program to do anything your remote control can do.

Might be something to consider for a friend who’s still waiting for their Hogwarts acceptance letter.

Price: $60
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Magic Wand Remote (photo source: Amazon)


For a friend who used to skateboard as a teen but have gotten a bit more comfortable over the years, how about an electric skateboard? Perfect for the out-of-shape skateboarder, or if you’re simply in a hurry. Regulate your speed with the remote control and let the wind blow through your hair as you soar down the street. This board can reach a speed of 30km/h (18mph) so watch out for old ladies.

Price: $530
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E-Skateboard (photo source:

Waterproof Speaker

Does your roommate turn into Beyoncé when they enter the shower? Or maybe you just want to drench the sound of their failed attempts to belt out those high notes. This waterproof speaker comes with a suction cup so you can simply stick it to your shower wall. It’s not limited to the shower either, this device can be used by the beach, the pool side or on the boat. You can fully submerge it in water, as long as it’s not deeper than 3 feet.. aaand not longer than 30 min, so don’t forget in the pool.

Price: $35
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Waterproof speaker

TV Back Lights

Leaving the lights on when watching a movie is too bright but if you switch them off it’s too dark and puts strain on your eyes. These LED strips solves that problem and takes your movie experience to the next level. You can change the color of the lights to suit your mood using a remote control. And it’s under ten dollars, so if you’re on a budget this might be something to consider.
Price: $8
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TV back lights (photo

Bluetooth Gloves

There was a time where “hands-free” was the latest technology but now there’s something even better – “hand”. With a speaker in the thumb and a mic in the pinkie the best part is that you’ll look outright ridiculous talking to your hand. Great way to make fun of a friend or a sibling. The index finger, middle finger and thumb are also equipped with conductive material that allows you to use your touch screen without having to expose your hands to the harsh winter climate.

Price: $18
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Bluetooth gloves (photo

VR Headset

Reality is not that exciting, pay rent, go to work, renovating the kitchen.. Virtual reality on the other hand, has endless opportunities. Check out the Great Barrier Reef, ride a roller coaster, fly a plane without having to leave the couch. This particular VR-headset is compatible with 4.5-6.0 inch iPhone and Android Smartphones. So make sure it fits the phone, we don’t want anyone to be disappointed on Christmas because they couldn’t use their awesome gift.

Price: $40
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VR Headset  (photo source: Amazon)

Smart Garden

Plants are nature’s very own air purifier They can help remove dangerous compounds from furnishings and clothing. Cheer a friend up with a small piece of nature and just to make sure the plant is still alive after two weeks you can get them a smart garden! It comes with a sunlight imitation lamp, a water shortage alarm, and the garden is so smart that the light automatically adjusts to the surroundings. In other words, it’s nearly impossible to kill! A great gift for a friend who lacks that green thumb.

Price: $53
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Smart Garden (photo source: Amazon)

Key Finder

This nifty gadget is perfect gift for the forgetful husband or wife who’s always looking for their keys.
Attach the key finder to your key chain and by using your phone you can make the finder ring to let you know where it is. It can also alert you if your keys are too far away from you. If you dropped your keys, the key finder app keeps track of the last place your keys were and displays the location on the map. And remember, it’s not limited to keys you can put it on any object you’re afraid of losing like your wallet, your purse or your camera.

Price: $16
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Key finder (photo source: Amazon)

Surveillance Camera

This gift suits someone who’s worried about burglars, ghosts or someone who simply wants to spy on your pets when they’re not home. The surveillance camera gives you real-time activity alerts while you’re out. With its infrared LED beads the camera works even if the room is pitch black, and maybe you can even catch a glimpse of Santa Claus coming in through the chimney on Christmas morning.

Price: $33
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Surveillance camera (photo source: Amazon)

Pillow Speakers

With these speakers your partner can fall asleep to the sound of waves, their favorite podcast, or a good song without disturbing you. With headphones, the cord can get tangled and they can be uncomfortable to sleep on. But this little flat speaker is placed under the pillow, and the sound is then only audible to the person resting on the pillow. No tangled cords, no uncomfortable earbuds, no disturbed partner – marriage saved.

Price: $8.50
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Pillow speakers (photo source:

Smart NoteBook

This notebook is connected to an app so that you can easily transfer your paper notes directly to your email, dropbox, google drive, or whatever platform you use by quickly scanning the pages. But the most epic thing about this notebook is that it’s reusable. When the it’s full, you microwave it (yes, you read that right) and then all your notes will be erased and the notebook is as good as new! And if you accidentally erased any precious notes you can retrieve them by putting the notebook in the freezer.

Price: $21
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Smart NoteBook (photo source: Amazon)

At-home Laser Tag Set

Turn off the lights, move all antiques to a safe spot and your home can now be a laser-tag arena. The set comes with blinking vests and laser guns so you can get up and moving after spending the day in front of a screen. It’s also a bargain compared to going to a real laser tag place. Some say it’s for kids but I beg to differ, I imagine it would make for a great office party..

Price: $75
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At-home Laser Tag Set (photo source:

Spy Glasses

These are a great choice for a friend who’s watched one too many horror films, with these spectacles your friend will basically have eyes in the back of their neck. They look like ordinary sun glasses, but they have a special coating that enables you to see behind you. You can also use them as a rear view mirror in traffic.

Price: $10
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Spy glasses (photo source: Amazon)