COL Digital Publishing Launches “Fifth Prism” Collection Platform

COL Digital Publishing, an operator of online IP rights, on Sunday launched “Fifth Prism,” its first digital collection platform for the metaverse, after officially entering the field in November of last year.

Fifth Prism provides blockchain-based digital artwork trading, collection, collaborative creation, copyright protection and trading services for creators, IP parties, artists, users, collectors and other related entities through the digital collection platform.

It also protects the copyright of digital collection works on the chain by using blockchain technology, fulfills the responsibility of content security and protects the reasonable rights and interests of creators and collectors. Consumers on the platform must be authenticated with their real names and only support transactions in Chinese yuan.

An executive from COL Digital Publishing told Cailian Press that its launch of a digital collection platform provided a new scenario of digital applications and commercial realization for its content and IP copyright library.

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At present, Fifth Prism has signed exclusive digital collection cooperation agreements with dozens of famous cartoonists, and its digital collections will be presented on the platform one after another. The company adopts the cooperation model of profit-sharing with upstream content creators/IP parties, and settles the profit-sharing according to the amount and proportion stipulated in the agreement signed by both parties, and the company’s own content collection is not required to pay the profit-sharing.