Cometary NFT Series by Hong Kong Musician Paul Wong Listed on BitMart

The Cometary NFT series by Paul Wong, a well-known Hong Kong singer, songwriter and record producer, was listed on the BitMart NFT marketplace at 12:00 pm on August 3. This collection, which was produced by Web3 music-driven platform HarmoniXX, is the first music NFT series to be launched on BitMart with exclusive discounts.

Wong was the lead guitarist of iconic Hong Kong rock band Beyond until it broke up in 2005. He earned the title of “Best Rock Singer” at the Hit Awards in 2012.

The Cometary series by Paul Wong includes 2,000 music-infused NFTs. Each NFT comprises a one-of-one full length song with an accompanying unique album cover art. Each song belongs to one of four genres, created with AI from the original track. The stems of each song are then algorithmically combined to produce all unique versions.

Four Album Cover Art representing each song’s genre were hand-painted by Paul Wong and went through the PFP process to make each one unique. Produced by HarmoniXX, this collection is the first that represents a new form of music NFTs in which music and art intersect, the uniqueness of each is in the hands of the collectors.

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BitMart users will enjoy an exclusive 25% discount for Cometary NFTs. Users who buy Cometary NFTs at 0.2 ETH on the BitMart NFT marketplace will be refunded with 0.05 ETH on the 30th of each month. The total supply of this collection is 30 pieces of NFTs. The promotion will end once all 30 pieces are sold to users. Sedentary market activities are excluded from this promotion.