Commercial Service Robot Company Uditech Completes C2 Round of Financing

Uditech, a global commercial service robot supplier, announced on Monday that it had completed a new round of financing.

This round was jointly led by Chengding Fund and Yunfeng Fund under Shanghai Municipal Investment (Group) Corporation and was followed by Xinshang Capital, 58 Industry Fund and Guanda Group under Wuxi Xincheng Group, as well as some old shareholders who made additional investments. After obtaining its C1 round of financing in June of this year, Uditech gained favor in the capital market again and has now won total financing of 500 million yuan ($77.7 million) in just four months.

Gu Zhenjiang, President of Uditech, said that thanks to this round of financing, the firm will be able to develop its research and development abilities, increase production capacity, and improve overall sales and service capabilities. They will keep enhancing Uditech products’ adaptability for multi-scenario applications, and provide reliable and stable robot overall solutions for global customers.

Founded in March 2013, Uditech is a commercial service robot company dedicated to providing reliable and stable robot solutions for customers all over the world. Its robot products are available for various indoor and outdoor scenes such as recreation areas, restaurants, hotels, business districts and communities.

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In terms of shipments and current development goals, Uditech has shipped more than 10,000 units applied to indoor scenes and plans to ship over 1,000 units applied to outdoor scenes within one year. As for business growth, its shipments and revenues in the first half of 2021 have increased by 9-10 times compared with that of the same period of 2020.