Common Prosperity Themed Charity Day Sees Tencent Raise RMB 430 Million

On September 5th, Tencent launched Charity Day with the theme of common prosperity. The day marks one of the first of a batch of activities for its charity plan of 50 billion yuan ($7.7 billion) launched in the month of August.

This project is part of the “99 Giving Day Campaign” that will last for 10 days this year and are being divided into “Theme Day”, “Action Day” and “Appreciation Day”.

According to Tencent Charity, as of 6 pm, September 5, the project has amassed donations of over 430 million yuan, including 270 million yuan donated by 4.73 million people and 160 million yuan donated by Tencent Foundation. The funds will go towards helping post-disaster reconstruction, rural revitalization, and vulnerable people in underdeveloped areas.

For “Theme Day”, Tencent has launched a number of projects including “I want to go to college”, “Plan a Home for Children in Need”, “One Foundation for Children”, “Helping Families in Need” and “Reading for Fun” have been most favored by netizens.

Tencent has provided two donation methods so that people can participate without spending money. They include answering questions and sending small red flowers. Up until now, Tencent has collected 5.15 million answers and 9.07 million small red flowers that can be donated through multiple channels.

In addition to common prosperity, the 99 Giving Day this year will also address the issues of unbalanced and inadequate development, among which include education assistance, life assistance, elder-centric technology, carbon neutrality and youth sports.

As of late, Tencent has been making continuous efforts in the field of common prosperity. On September 1st, the company announced that its gaming division and charity organization will jointly launch a public welfare program. The program will offer 100 classrooms and 100 sports fields for urban and rural children, as well as supporting services such as courses, teacher training, and sports competitions.

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