Computer Graphics Technology Firm GritWorld Completes Round-B+ Financing

GritWorld, a computer graphics engine technology provider, has completed tens of millions of dollars in its round B+ of financing, 36Kr reported on Tuesday. This investment was jointly led by Baidu Ventures (BV), CCB Trust and Everest VC, followed by existing shareholder GL Ventures.

The new funds will be mainly used to further improve the mobile-cloud interaction and experience of GritWorld’s third-generation graphics engine, and to accelerate commercialization and application ecological layout.

The core product of GritWorld is its third generation graphics engine GritGene released in September 2021, which includes two sub-engines: GritGene for Cloud and GritGene for Mobile.

The Unreal engine of Epic Games, the first-generation graphics engine, was brought about with the emergence of PC and Console graphics cards and standard graphics interfaces. Unity 3D, a second-generation graphics engine, was born with the emergence of smart phones. In the future, more new hardware forms and computing environments on the application side will promote the birth of the third generation of graphics engines, the application requirements of which will be scattered across different fields.

GritWorld has been developing its third-generation graphics engine since five years ago, and it is the first graphics engine company in the world to adopt the mobile-cloud dual-engine architecture. The dual-engine architecture not only helps GritWorld to adapt flexibly according to the needs of different industries, but also makes it fully familiar with the optimal underlying architecture and full technology stack of graphics engines both for cloud and mobile settings, thus reserving sufficient technical experience for mobile-cloud joint computing.

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At the industry application level, with the mobile-cloud architecture and dual engines, GritWorld has efficiently arrived in the following mixed reality fields: smart city, 3D animation and special effects. Wu Xiaomao, the founder of GritWorld, further stated that in the future, the company will expand into more fields such as industry, lifestyle and education, and will also support interactive entertainment applications created by medium and light users.