Coronavirus-Related Keyword Searches on Baidu Down 91% From January

China’s internet giant Baidu published a report on Thursday regarding search trends over the past few months. The report said the search for epidemic-related issues has been reduced by 91% compared to late January.

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“Coronavirus” is not on the Baidu trending list anymore. “Cherry Blossom” has become more popular than “Mask” in March, while “Wuda cherry blossom” and “Wuhan East Lake cherry garden” have been more frequently searched, Baidu‘s report showed.

However, people not searching for “coronavirus” doesn’t mean they don’t care about it. Internet users are still questioning the reasons behind the outbreaks. The report shows that in the past 90 days, “Wildlife Protection Law” related content has soared 200 times compared to before the outbreak, and “Epidemic Prevention Law” is up 180 times more than before.

“New Infrastructure”, “5G Network”, “US Stock Market” and “Tokyo 2020 Olympics” are also on Baidu‘s trending list.