Cross-border Service Provider OgCloud Secures Series A Funding

Recently, OgCloud, a brand providing services for enterprises going abroad, closed its first round of financing worth tens of millions of yuan, which was jointly invested by Plum Ventures and Guangzhou Science City Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

The funding would further strengthen the company’s product R&D for cross-border enterprise services, accelerate its layout of emerging cross-border markets such as Southeast Asia and South America, and expand its abilities into a diverse range of businesses in addition to the sectors they already cover, including e-commerce, gaming, and finance.

OgCloud has built a leading position in technology resources for communication, cloud computing and rendering, virtual networking, middleware, big data and other fields. It has operations in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and developed more than 10 cross-border offshore SaaS products. The company is able to provide standardized and full-process offshore solutions for global e-commerce, gaming, finance and other industries, and has helped more than 10,000 enterprises move into overseas markets.

OgCloud founder Dai Yu spoke about the company’s achievements: “China has issued many policies in recent years to encourage Chinese enterprises to go global, and the OgCloud team always accompanies customers in their growth and reduces the cost of their operations. In return, OgCloud has achieved rapid growth in this wave, consistently growing over 50% annually.”

Many leading companies in China, such as ByteDance, are accelerating the layout of interest e-commerce and live-streaming e-commerce globally. Furthermore, the international version of Kuaishou is now available in the South American market and other large market segments. Major cross-border e-commerce merchants are also following along in the field and OgCloud products are supporting their efforts. For example, “OgDesk Cross-border Workbench” is a workbench for operation teams for their daily business processes. With its safe, comprehensive and efficient SaaS-based product services, merchants can carry out backend operations, social media operations, in addition to private domain traffic creation anytime and anywhere without fearing the impact of the epidemic.

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In addition to cross-border e-commerce, OgCloud also actively helps Chinese games go overseas. The company is able to provide Chinese game manufacturers with the ability to quickly build and release their own overseas cloud game platforms. Meanwhile, at the player level, it allows game players from different countries to jump over geographical barriers and use the same platform for a better gaming experience.