CyberDog Team Wins 2021 Xiaomi Annual Technology Award

On Tuesday, Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi, announced on Chinese social platform Weibo that Xiaomi had held its annual technical award ceremony on Monday. Sixty-eight projects were involved in the competition this year and first place went to the CyberDog team.

The annual technical award has been held for the last two years and was previously won by the fast charging team and the MIUI privacy protection team, each of which received an award of one million dollars.

Lei Jun stressed that the CyberDog team gave him three surprises. One was that the team hosts two recent graduates who were recruited in 2020. The two students joined Xiaomi only one year ago yet have already won the highest technical award of Xiaomi.

The second surprise was that the CyberDog project brought together the technologies of many R&D teams all of which have been quickly integrated into Xiaomi‘s core products. For example, the new photography function “Cyber Focus” found on the new Xiaomi 12 is one such development. The third was that the CyberDog project represented Xiaomi engineers’ bold pioneering spirit, self-drive, and imagination for future intelligent life.

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Lei Jun also said that he will continuously increase R&D investment, which will exceed 100 billion yuan within five years. Meanwhile, Xiaomi will continue to promote their “Equity Incentive Plan for Young Engineers” and recruit 5,000 outstanding young engineers in 2022.