Cyberspace Administration of China Strengthens Network Protection Measures for Minors

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) issued a notice on Monday for public consultation on the Regulations on Network Protection for Minors.

According to the draft, the main contents of the regulations include the strengthening of minors’ network literacy, standardization of network information content, the protection of personal information, as well as the prevention and control of minors’ network addiction.

The draft proposes that companies that provide network services such as online games, live-streaming, online audio and videos, and online social networking, should set up a teenage mode for minors. They should provide not only network services for minors in accordance with relevant national regulations and standards in terms of use time, duration, functions and contents, but time management, authority management, consumption management and other functions to help guardians to fulfill their duties.

Network service providers should also take measures to reasonably limit the amount of time minors are using their products and services while also not providing minors with paid services that are deemed inappropriate for their age group.

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With regard to strengthening the standardization of network information content, the draft proposes that it is forbidden to send information to minors that contains contents that are harmful or may affect the physical and mental health of minors. No organization or individual is allowed to insult, slander, threaten or maliciously damage the image of minors through the Internet in the form of words, pictures, audio or videos.