DBG Technology: Ceremony for Xiaomi Smartphone Milestone

DBG Technology held an offline ceremony on Wednesday to mark the company’s recent achievement of having produced 20 million smartphones for Xiaomi. The two sides communicated on the cooperation and future development plans.

DBG Technology is an electronic manufacturing enterprise mainly engaged in printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) processing. The company has introduced dozens of advanced surface mounted technology production lines and equipment from abroad mainly for smartphones, laser heads, telephones, relays, digital photo frames, and other applications. Its main customers are Huawei, Lenovo, SANYO, EPSON, LG, Longcheer, and many others.

Earlier this month, in response to the recent trend of foldable smartphones, DBG Technology said that it provides smartphone manufacturing services for a variety of brands including Honor and Huawei, and the company is fully capable of producing folding screen smartphone.

In order to fully guarantee Xiaomi‘s project, DBG Technology planned various safeguard measures in site planning, capacity developing, quality control and other aspects. In addition, it increased resources investment, built a new laboratory of about 500 square meters, and further strengthened its technical team.

Zeng Xuezhong, Senior Vice President of Xiaomi and President of the Mobile Phone Department, spoke about the joint efforts of the companies: “The production of 20 million smartphones is the result of the joint cooperation between both parties. Xiaomi will strengthen its cooperation with DBG Technology in the future, and gradually introduce both high-end and flagship smartphones manufacturing projects with DBG. We hope we can achieve the goal of making 40 million smartphones together with DBG next year.”

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Tang Jianxing, Chairman and General Manager of DBG Technology, also commented on the achievement: “The successful completion of 20 million Xiaomi mobile phones has lain a solid foundation for the in-depth cooperation between us. At present, the phase III MI park has been opened which will enable us to expand our production capacity.”