Denza’s High-End MPV Spoiler

Zhao Changjiang, director of the sales department at Denza, a joint venture between BYD and the Mercedes-Benz Group, exposed some information of the luxury electric car brand’s high-end MPV through Chinese social media Weibo on Monday.

According to Zhao Changjiang, the MPV is equipped with an electric sunroof and a large canopy, complete with a double sunshade and a one-button operation to open and close the sunroof. At the same time, the sound insulation effect of the double-layer glass of the canopy will also be able to isolate external noise.

In addition, the MPV can automatically open its bilateral electric sliding doors while its welcome mode is on, and uses high-end tires and four-door double-layer mute glass. In terms of power, the MPV has two power modes: pure electric and hybrid, equipped with BYD’s proprietary blade battery. Under the DM-i hybrid’s support, its battery life is expected to exceed 1,000 km.

Last Sunday, Zhao also announced that Denza will be exhibiting as an independent brand at the Auto China 2022 show as the company is developing a new and the logo design has been re-done. Previously, a preview picture of the new MPV priced at about 450,000 yuan ($70,807) was also released.

(Source: Denza)

On December 24, 2021, BYD and Daimler AG jointly announced that they planned to increase their capital invested in Denza by 1 billion yuan. After the completion of this capital injection, both parties have adjusted their future equity of Denza – BYD holds 90% and Daimler AG holds 10% of the joint venture. the deal still needs to be approved by regulatory authorities, which is planned to be completed by the middle of this year.

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BYD has a sales target of 1.2 million to 1.5 million vehicles for the year. In the future, many models of the Ocean and Dynasty series will be listed one after another to capture the middle and high-end automobile market. The appearance of Denza should help BYD explore the high-end luxury car market. Denza, as a standalone operation, expects to launch three new models in the Chinese market within the next two years, including MPVs and SUVs.