DiDi Chuxing Finishes Year-long Safety Revamp

On October 25, Didi Chuxing submitted a safety upgrade report to China’s Ministry of Transport upon completing a year-long industry-wide safety revamp process. Didi’s safety upgrade program included a new framework of safety management and accountability mechanisms, multiple AI solutions for risk detection, analysis and intervention, extensive capacity-building across customer service and safety response teams and extensive online and offline safety awareness programs.

According to the company, in the first half of 2019, the implementation of such measures has helped to reduce the number of sex-related crimes on DiDi’s platform by 70% year-on-year, while the number of routing disputes dropped by 32%. A total of 198 million users added emergency contacts to their app with roughly 120,000 drivers using DiDi’s in-app special helpline daily to receive support while transporting inebriated passengers.

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Didi has also gone as far as to introduce over 20 new safety features including one-tap police assistance, emergency contacts, trip status sharing, in-trip audio/video recording, etc. The company is also actively using AI algorithms to manage any trip anomalies. The company also claims to have resolved 100% of all criminal cases reported via DiDi thanks to more effective collaboration with law enforcement.

Didi saw a pretty turbulent year in 2018 with several passengers and drivers using their platform being murdered or raped. The events caused major popular distress and pushed the company to introduce more stringent safety protocols on their platform. Currently all conversations in Didi cars are being recorded and passengers are recommended to add an emergency contact to their Didi account.