Didi Chuxing Upgrades Taxi Service Unit, Renames it “Kuaidi New Taxi”

Didi Chuxing, China’s leading mobile transportation platform, on Sep. 1 announced to upgrade its taxi business to “Kuaidi New Taxi” and invest 100 million yuan as special subsidies to issue taxi tickets for passengers.

According to the announcement, Kuaidi New Taxi continues Kuaidi’s original brand concept to bring users a faster taxi-hailing experience. The upgraded service also aims to further increase the online taxi-hailing rate through informatization and marketization and reduce the empty driving rate.

In 2012, Beijing Xiaoju Technology Co., Ltd. was established and it launched the Didi ride-hailing application while in the same year Kuaizhi Technology Co., Ltd. was established and it developed the Kuaidi Taxi app.

Both applications sought to provide users with online taxi-hailing services and became rivals in the domestic market.

Then in 2014, Didi and Kuaidi started off a sensational subsidy competition across the country and mobile travel in China began to spread and get popular.

In February 2015, Didi and Kuaidi announced a strategic merger.

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Didi recently also changed the organizational structure of its taxi division, appointing Donghai Shi as the general manager who joined Kuaidi Taxi in 2015 as the head of taxi technology.

After the merger of Didi and Kuaidi, Shi has served as the head of product technology for quality travel business group, inclusive travel business group, etc.

Didi is currently advancing a multi-brand strategy. The company renamed its hitch carpooling service to “green cabbage carpool” and launched a new brand and separate app named “Huaxiaozhu” targeting younger customers and offering cheaper rides.