Didi Chuxing’s Car Service Platform Makes Cooperation Deal With Xpeng To Build An EV Service Chain

Xiaoju Car Service, the one-stop car rental and care service platform backed by Chinese online transportation giant Didi Chuxing, had reached a cooperation agreement with EV manufacturer Xpeng. The parties are to carry out an all-round cooperation alliance to provide users with flexible, safe and inexpensive car rental services.

Through the cooperation deal, the two sides will jointly explore a new model of long-term rental service provided by Xpeng to individual users through the Xiaoju car rental platform. Car renters will receive basic insurance, maintenance and repair services.

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Previously, the two sides had already cooperated on a small scale in Hangzhou. Ten Xpeng G3 models were rented out by Xiaoju in three minutes, all by Hangzhou locals. Due to this success, Xiaoju and Xpeng decided to upgrade their collaboration, launching a campaign on January 4 calling on people to “rent a car to go home for the Chinese New Year” in Hangzhou. Users can rent an Xpeng G3 model for as little as 3,000 yuan ($42) per month. Users can opt to continue renting the car, or buy the car, with their previous rental fee deducted from the price. The promotion will be offered in more Chinese cities by Xpeng and Xiaoju in the future.

In addition, Xiaoju and Xpeng will cooperate on car maintenance and car charging. Xiaoju and Xpeng will connect their charging networks. Meanwhile, Xiaoju will customize new charging systems for Xpeng’s electric vehicles. The national maintenance network of Xiaoju Car service will also start to provide after-sales service for Xpeng car owners to reduce maintenance costs.