Didi Creates $10 Million Relief Fund for COVID-19 Infected Drivers and Couriers in International Markets

Chinese ride-hailing platform Didi Chuxing has set up a $10 million special relief fund for ride-sharing drivers and couriers diagnosed in its overseas markets, in an effort to support partners affected by the novel coronavirus.

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The special fund will be used to provide financial relief to Didi ride-sharing drivers and food delivery couriers diagnosed with COVID-19 across Asia and Latin America. Infected drivers or couriers can request assistance and support through special channels, the same procedure for those in the company’s home market of China. Didi’s relief measures in China were initiated in January shortly after the initial outbreak.

Didi said the company has launched a global emergency response protocol. Special teams have been formed in each country it operates in to prepare contingency plans to protect the health of drivers, riders, couriers and customers in line with WHO guidelines and local authorities’ requirements and recommendations.

“It is deeply moving to see so many partners continue to keep our cities running during these challenging times, there is no doubt in our mind that Didi as a company also needs to do our part,” said Didi President Jean Liu. “The health of partners and passengers is our top priority and we hope this fund will help support our partners and protect the safety of this platform. We will continue to work with health authorities to see how we can best prepare our communities as the situation develops.”

Earlier this month, the ride-hailing platform launched a new errand running service in two cities, with hopes to offset the losses from its core ride-hailing business due to the outbreak. With this new feature, users can request couriers to run errands beyond the most common food delivery service, such as laundry pickup or grocery runs. Like many businesses that have been largely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Didi is leveraging its resources to expand its revenue stream.