Didi Secures Investment from GAC Group for L4 Autonomous Driving

On October 12, Didi Autonomous Driving announced that it has received investment from GAC Group.

It is learned that GAC Capital, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GAC Group, and Guangzhou Development Zone Investment Group will jointly establish a special fund in equal proportion to invest in Didi Autonomous Driving, with an investment not exceeding 149 million US dollars.

Didi Autonomous Driving is one of the first Chinese tech companies to set foot in the field of L4 autonomous driving. Leveraging its robust global travel platform, Didi Autonomous Driving places emphasis on the research, development, and application of L4 autonomous driving technology, as well as expanding its business in ride-sharing scenarios. This strategic focus has enabled the company to establish itself as a leader in both technological advancements and operational capabilities.

So far, Didi’s autonomous driving has been operating safely for over 1200 consecutive days, achieving mixed dispatching within the operational areas of Guangzhou and Shanghai.

Facing large-scale unmanned operation scenarios, DiDi’s autonomous driving innovation has created the first 24-hour autonomous driving and automatic maintenance center called “Huiju Port”, with a full-process automation rate of up to 90%.

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Zhang Bo, CTO of DiDi Global Inc. and CEO of DiDi Autonomous Driving, stated that “GAC Group is a leading enterprise in the automotive industry and also a pioneer in the global new energy field. They have accumulated profound expertise throughout the entire industry chain. It is great pleasure to strengthen strategic cooperation with GAC Group.”