DingTalk Will Open to All AI LM Manufacturers, with the First Batch of 7 Companies Joining

At the MAKE 2024 DingTalk Ecological Conference on June 26, DingTalk President Ye Jun announced that DingTalk will open up to all large model manufacturers and build the ‘most open AI ecosystem in China’.

Among them, MiniMax, Moonshot AI, Zhipu AI, OrionStar, 01.AI and Baichuan AI, six hundred billion-level large model manufacturers have announced their access to DingTalk. They are the first batch of large models to be accessed by DingTalk after Tongyi Qwen.

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In the future, users can directly use seven large-scale model products such as Tongyi Qwen on DingTalk. At the same time, these major model manufacturers will work together with DingTalk to explore the application of AI in the industry.

DingTalk officials revealed that as of the end of March 2024, more than 2.2 million companies are using AI on DingTalk, and the vast majority of AI ecosystems in the market have partnered with DingTalk.

The conference is themed ‘Make2024: AI All-Stars,’ bringing together DingTalk’s AI ecosystem partners and industry figures in artificial intelligence. DingTalk version 7.6 has been officially released at this event. This version is now available for download on the official website of DingTalk, with a total of 39 functional updates.