DJI Launches Agricultural Drones T40 and T20P

At a Monday press conference themed “To Cultivators,” Chinese drone firm DJI officially released two new agricultural drones, the T40 and T20P, both of which feature a brand-new fuselage and are optimized for application scenarios such as spreading fertilizer and spraying fruit trees.

In recent years, the demand for spraying pesticides and fertilizer on fruit trees through flight technology has grown significantly, and users have new demand for better quality and efficiency under the new scenarios. The brand-new flagship T40 can carry a 40 kg spraying box or a 50 kg sowing box. The dual atomization spraying system with a higher flow rate can effectively improve the adhesion rate of medicine liquid on the back of fruit tree leaves, and the sowing efficiency is raised to 1.5 tons of fertilizer per hour.

T40 (Source: DJI)

In the major agricultural provinces that require more flight services, more farmers have purchased UAVs, making them the main target consumers. Drones are used in their and their neighbors’ farmlands. Regarding application scenarios, farmers expect drones to meet different purposes, and perform well in spraying effect, transportation convenience and cost performance.

To meet their needs, DJI launched T20P with a higher cost performance. T20P features a spraying efficiency of 180 mu (a Chinese area measurement unit) per hour, and a light fuselage. Individual users can operate it on his or her own. The T20P can carry with a 20kg spraying box or a 25kg sowing box, and is equipped with a dual atomization centrifugal nozzle. Its effective spraying width reaches 7m, and the sowing efficiency could be as high as 1 ton of fertilizer per hour.

In terms of intelligence, both new products support aerial surveying and mapping functions, and users can complete route planning by remote controllers to further improve operational efficiency. In terms of safety, both products feature active phased array radar and binocular vision system, with stronger ability of obstacle recognition and avoidance.

In terms of price, the T40 full package is priced at 64,999 yuan ($10,198), and the standard package is 57,999 yuan. The T20P full package costs 44,999 yuan, and standard package is 39,999 yuan.

There are nearly 2 billion mu of cultivated land in China. Although the comprehensive mechanization rate of farming and harvesting exceeds 70%, some links, industries and regions are still weak. Compared with ground machinery, agricultural UAV has the advantages of high efficiency, strong terrain adaptability and high intelligence level.

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In the future, with “mechanization + digital agriculture” as the starting point, the application and expansion of agriculture DJI will form three echelons. The first echelon is field applications. The second echelon is fruit tree applications. The third echelon is to promote the application of digital agriculture to reduce weight and medicine, increase production and income.