DJI Launches Educational Battle Bot RoboMaster S1

Chinese tech company DJI, known for their aerial photography and videography, has put drones aside to introduce its first-ever robot built explicitly for education—the RoboMaster S1. The S1 (short for Step 1) has a full robot system with plenty of configurable components and room for adding individual AI-infused touches.

With the brushless motors that drive four Mecanum wheels, the robot can spin, drift, and move in any direction. It also features a high-precision gimbal that can shoot infrared lasers and non-toxic beads in a machine gun-like fashion. If two robots are in close proximity of each other, the system can detect and hit targets on the other robot’s body, turning the living room into a Robowars arena.

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Just like IKEA furniture, the robot kit comes in parts that must be assembled manually, teaching users about robotics and software along the way. The aim of the robot is to introduce tech enthusiasts of all ages to the fun and possibilities of robotics technology.

“By going through the assembly process, you get to understand what each part is used for and what the principles are behind it,” says Shuo Yang, one of the project’s lead engineers. “We want it to look like an interesting toy that also teaches basic programming and mechanical knowledge.”

DJI believes that technology and robotics are best learned when it involves fun and plenty of play-time. It seems that the DJI RoboMaster S1 is a commendable effort to make learning more engaging.

Featured photo credit to DJI