DJI Releases Its First Intelligent 3D Model Editing Software ‘DJI Modify’

On January 19th, DJI released its first intelligent 3D model editing software called ‘DJI Modify’. This software claims to be as simple as retouching photos for model editing. It can accurately identify and automatically select floating objects, allowing users to delete them with just one click. Additionally, it also supports fast repair of water surface reflections and fine editing of urban landscape mapping models.

According to the official introduction, DJI Modify supports one-click import of 3D models produced by DJI Terra. Due to weather and geographical limitations, these models often have floating objects that interfere with their use. However, when using DJI Modify, you only need to click once to accurately identify and automatically select floating objects over tens of square kilometers, and delete them all with one click.

For those areas that cannot be generated correctly (such as areas affected by water surface reflections), users can easily make repairs. By simply clicking and dragging, users can quickly fix these areas and preview the editing results of the water surface in real-time.

When dealing with urban reality mapping models, DJI’s intelligent algorithms can significantly improve the efficiency of fine editing. Even if there is a need to remove hundreds of vehicles within a square kilometer, DJI Modify can identify and flatten the 3D vehicles with just one click.

In addition to the above functions, DJI Modify also supports manual selection of areas, flattening, and fine editing operations. For those two-dimensional graphics left behind after vehicle flattening, users can use the texture repair tool for patching.

After editing, users can upload the model to the cloud. The reviewer can directly view the model using the specified link and meet the operational requirements in fields such as surveying and mapping, fire protection, etc.

The software is currently priced at 12,000 yuan (approximatly $1,668) in mainland China and a free trial version is available.

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