DJI Warning: All DJI-related Applications on Google Play Are Unofficial

On August 15th, DJI, the renowned drone manufacturer, recently announced that it has discovered some imitated DJI applications on Google Play. These apps include names like “DJI Fly-Go” and “DJI Earning.” DJI officially stated that these apps were created by unauthorized individuals for fraudulent purposes.

DJI officials have stated that in order to protect the rights of users, they have already filed a complaint with Google Play regarding this issue. At the same time, DJI recommends that users download applications from official DJI channels to ensure access to safe and reliable versions.

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Currently, these counterfeit DJI applications are still available on Google Play, including DJI Fly and the DJI Store. The icons of these counterfeit applications are identical to the official ones, so everyone should be cautious and discerning.