Dreame Releases Multiple Flagship Products, with the Dual-Arm Robot Vacuum X40 Leading the Way

On February 2nd, Dreame Technology, the global pioneer in bionic dual robotic arms, held a new product launch event in Suzhou. During the event, Guo Renjie, the President of Dreame China, shared the achievements of Dreame’s global development. Guo Renjie stated that from 2019 to 2023, Dreame achieved a compound annual growth rate of over 100%, leading the smart cleaning industry in terms of growth speed and becoming a leading brand in the global smart cleaning industry.

Meanwhile, Dreame made a major announcement at the conference, unveiling several flagship products including the world’s first biomimetic “Dual” robotic vacuum cleaner with advanced sweeping and mopping capabilities – X40 series, the technologically inclusive smart flagship S30 series robot vacuum cleaner, H30Ultra floor scrubber that can clean even hard-to-reach areas by lying flat at 180° angle, and the portable hairstyling tool Dreame Pocket high-speed folding hair dryer.

Guo Renjie stated that Dreame, with its “technology all-encompassing + bold innovation” technology strategy and the ability to reuse technology through rapid iteration and accumulation, continues to lead industry innovation in multiple categories, bringing new experiential value to global users.

Created a product based on user pain points, launched the world’s first bionic “dual” robotic arm.

Guo Renjie shared the exclusive user research methodology of Dreame at the meeting. He believes that before developing a product, it is necessary to fully understand consumers and gain deep insights into their pain points and needs. Based on these pain points, innovative products can be accurately launched.

Taking the Chinese market as an example, Dreame has discovered three major pain points in users’ home cleaning through various channels such as user reviews, e-commerce platform research, one-on-one surveys, and user testing. These pain points include difficulties in cleaning corners and edges, maintenance challenges after use, and insufficient intelligence.

Based on this, Dreame has introduced world’s first bionic robotic arm technology, self-cleaning active base station, intelligent algorithm-based path planning, and industry-leading obstacle recognition capabilities in its floor cleaning robot products.

The Dreame X40 series sweeping robot, which was released at this meeting, has further upgraded multiple technologies and is equipped with the world’s first bionic “dual” robotic arm. The bionic “dual” robotic arm refers to the addition of an industry-first adjustable side brush on the basis of Dreame’s original bionic robotic arm mop, enabling the Dreame X40 series sweeping and mopping robot to achieve simultaneous operation of side brushes and mops for 100% coverage in cleaning corners and crevices of houses.

Dreame’s BU representative for robotic vacuum cleaners stated that the significant iteration of the bionic “dual” mechanical arm in Dreame X40 series robotic vacuum cleaners is the ‘optimal solution’ for cleaning corners of houses to date.

After extensive data testing in the Dreame Lab, the Dreame X40 series has been proven to achieve nearly 100% coverage of internal right angles and straight edges in household cleaning. For low and narrow gaps that are difficult to clean on a daily basis, the Dreame X40 series significantly improves the cleaning area along the straight edges of suspended cabinets by expanding its side brushes. Compared to previous generation technology, it has increased by 71%, once again pushing the boundaries of robotic vacuum cleaner’s cleaning capabilities.

At the same time, the Dreame X40 series continues to improve its 3.0 bionic robotic arm technology, enabling it to achieve edge-to-edge cleaning in wall corners with a gap of less than 1mm. It can also mimic the cleaning effect of human hands and reach a depth of 4cm for thorough cleaning under various furniture and appliances with gaps larger than 1cm, effectively solving the problem of hard-to-reach areas in every household.

In addition, the Dreame X40 series adopts the world’s first triple lifting system consisting of a mop, roller brush, and side brush. With its detachable cloth function, it can achieve an ultimate dry-wet separation effect, truly realizing “no water residue during dry sweeping and no mud mixing during wet mopping”.

Guo Renjie stated that the Dreame X40 series robotic vacuum cleaner, as the cutting-edge flagship product with multiple industry-leading technologies, such as the industry-leading 12000Pa peak suction power, the industry-first self-cleaning 2.0 active docking station, the industry-leading anti-tangle roller brush 2.0 with active hair-cutting function, and the innovative technology and functions of recognizing 80 types of obstacles, will once again lead the new height of innovation and development in the robotic vacuum cleaner industry for Dreame Technology.

In terms of price, the starting price for the Dreame X40 series is 5699 yuan (approximatly $794), the starting price for the Dreame S30ProUltra is 4299 yuan (approximatly $599), and the starting price for the Dreame S30Pro is 3999 yuan (approximatly $557). Currently, both the Dreame S30ProUltra and S30Pro models are available for pre-sale on Tmall and JD platforms, while the Dreame X40 series has also started one-yuan reservations simultaneously.

Floor cleaning machines and hair dryers flagship new products released, meeting the diverse needs of global consumers.

Since its establishment, Dreame has been continuously exploring innovative technologies to meet the diverse and personalized needs of global consumers in the field of smart living. Currently, Dreame has achieved a multi-category layout of intelligent cleaning appliances with four major product categories: roboti vacuum, wireless vacuum cleaners, smart floor washers, and high-speed hair dryers.

At the meeting, in addition to Dreame X40 series sweeping robots, Dreame also unveiled the all-in-one machine king H30Ultra floor scrubber, the whole-house cleaning master H30Mix floor scrubber, and the “pocket stylist” Dreame Pocket high-speed folding hair dryer and other flagship new products.

Dreame’s H30Ultra floor scrubber supports 180° constant water and gas separation, effectively solving the problem of previous floor scrubbers being unable to clean corners and gaps under sofas, beds, tables, and cabinets. Additionally, in order to assist users in effortless pushing and pulling, Dreame has also introduced the industry’s first servo wheel hub motor for intelligent bidirectional assistance.

The H30Mix floor scrubber from Dreame is a versatile all-in-one device that combines functions such as floor cleaning, vacuuming, mite removal, and dust removal. With just one machine, it can easily handle cleaning tasks on indoor floors, carpets, tabletops, cabinets, and mattresses.

At this meeting, we are also launching the industry’s first fully foldable high-speed hair dryer – the “Dreame Pocket” high-speed foldable hair dryer. This hair dryer subverts the traditional 7-shaped form of a hair dryer and, with its innovative flexible folding technology, introduces a groundbreaking 0°~180° full folding design. This allows for lightweight portability to become a reality, making it possible for users to have a “pocket stylist” by their side anytime and anywhere.

In order to meet the diverse styling needs of lightweight and compact products, the innovative Dreame Pocket high-speed folding hair dryer has been designed with a “one machine, multiple uses” concept. By combining various types of nozzles and modes, it can easily achieve three different hairstyling capabilities: blow-drying, curling, and straightening. This makes it an ideal choice for consumers seeking an efficient and convenient styling tool in their daily routines.

In terms of portability, the “Flexible Folding Technology” of the Dreame Pocket high-speed folding hair dryer has made a significant breakthrough in technological aspects. Its root folding technology allows the handle to bend freely between 0° and 180°. When fully folded at 0°, the Dreame Pocket high-speed folding hair dryer is only the size of a mobile phone, weighing only 300 grams. Users can easily put it into their handbags for carrying. With the support of ergonomic curve design, not only does the whole machine have a comfortable grip, but it also has balanced weight distribution, making it very suitable for carrying during business trips and travels.

The growth rate is unstoppable, leading the global smart clean energy industry.

As a global technology company, Dreame has been committed to a global layout since its inception, taking the lead in business expansion in countries and regions including Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, and South Korea. After years of development, Dreame’s products are currently best-selling in over 120 countries and regions worldwide.

Guo Renjie revealed in the sharing session that Dreame’s international business in 2023 achieved a year-on-year growth of 120% in the international area, and the overall performance for the whole year realized the industry’s “impossible triangle” of efficiency improvement, high-end development, and market share enhancement. The business growth rate is unstoppable.

According to GfK data from October 2023, Dreame became the top brand in the Chinese market’s large cleaning product category retail share. In the categories of robotic vacuum cleaners and floor scrubbers, Dreame also achieved the accomplishment of being ranked within the top two with a market share of over 20%.

At the same time, Dreame, with its robotic vacuum cleaners, has taken the top market share in multiple regions worldwide. According to GfK data, from October to December 2023, Dreame’s market share in Germany increased from 33% and 34.8% to 37.5%, maintaining its position as the industry leader. In the Italian market, Dreame’s robotic vacuum cleaners held the top industry market share in November 2023.

Guo Renjie believes that Dreame’s ability to become a leading global brand in the intelligent cleaning industry and lead the industry in growth is due to Dreame’s adherence to a policy of globalization + localization, as well as its continuous technological innovation through the strategy of “technology encompassing all aspects + bold innovation”. In the future, Dreame will continue to practice the brand concept of “applying cutting-edge technology for universal benefit in households”, constantly meeting the diverse and personalized needs of global consumers. By liberating users’ hands with technology, Dreame enables users to have more time and energy to focus on themselves, enjoy life, and pursue their dreams.

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