Drone Firm DJI Halts Business in Ukraine and Russia

Shenzhen-based drone developer DJI announced on Tuesday that the company is internally reassessing compliance requirements in various jurisdictions around the world. Pending the current review, DJI will temporarily suspend all business activities in Russia and Ukraine.

The firm revealed that it is in contact with customers, partners and other stakeholders regarding the temporary suspension of business operations in territories affected by ongoing conflict.

Since its establishment in 2006, DJI’s business has expanded from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to a diversified product system. It is now innovating technical products in fields like handheld imaging systems, robotic education and intelligent driving. At present, the firm has 14,000 employees worldwide. Besides its Shenzhen headquarters, the company also has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Rotterdam, supporting sales and service networks across more than 100 countries and regions globally.

In December 2020, the US Department of Commerce included DJI in its “Entity List” on the grounds of protecting national security, controlling the company’s imports and exports to and from the US.

In March of this year, the company also had its UAV products taken off the shelves of MediaMarkt, Germany’s largest retailer of consumer electronics. DJI replied, alleging that it was because the social media accounts of the company and many of its partners were attacked by spammers who “slandered” DJI for its supposed international misconduct.

The company said that MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, a partner of DJI for many years, has also fallen victim to such activity. The German enterprise previously suspended sales of DJI’s drones as a result of security concerns, and the two sides are still discussing this incident.

DJI pointed out in the statement that they have reiterated that all products of DJI are designed for civilian purposes and are not intended for military use. Comments on overseas social media platforms accusing the firm of contributing to ongoing conflicts are, according to the firm, nonsense.

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In addition, the company said that it abides by all applicable laws and regulations around the world. Its internal compliance team is composed of experienced professionals to ensure that its business activities fully comply with international regulation.