Due to NIO’s Production Line Upgrading, Delivery of Some EVs Scheduled for October Gets Postponed

On October 30, Chinese EV maker NIO announced that due to the previous stop of its production lines caused by the upgrading of its Hefei Manufacturing Base, some vehicle orders planned to be delivered in October will be postponed.

The production line has gradually resumed operations in late October, and vehicles will be delivered as soon as possible, NIO said in the announcement.

Users whose delivery is affected by the adjustment will receive some points after picking up the car. The main purpose of points is to exchange them for gifts in stores on the NIO app, such as auto parts, beverages, food and various additional services of NIO.

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Normally, if the order delivery period exceeds two months, the user will get 1,000 points per day from the third month until the vehicle is delivered. However, under this special circumstance, the user who originally planned to get the new car in September and October will get an additional 2,888 points at one time after picking up the vehicle.