Ele.me Delivery Robot Completed Takeout Delivery for the First Time

At 10 a.m on October 9, Wanxiaoe(万小饿), China’s first intelligent take-out robot created by ele.me logistics team, appeared in the Hongqiao Vanke center in Shanghai for the first time. From today, it will accomplish the “last mile” delivery in the office building through its smart delivery service. Wanxiaoe has three layers of incubator with large volume and is equipped with intelligent general mobile platform (robot platform). From the very beginning, Ele.me logistics team has considered complex distribution environment within the building.

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The route inductor in the robot enables it to move from one place to another unimpededly in indoor environment, no matter on smooth slate ground, floor, carpet, or gentle slope. The inductor can also set route in accordance with delivery destination. Robot thus could perfectly go on and off the lift and avoid obstacles, which ensure the safety of the distribution during delivery.

The soft and hardware module in the robot supports self-diagnosis and redundancy security as well as remote data upgrade and trajectory monitoring. The sensing system and positioning navigation function can quickly complete environment deployment. The robot can at most load 80KG and can carry three meals at the same time. It has an eight-hour long endurance ability and self-charging ability.

The director of Ele.me future logistics introduces that behind Wanxiaoe is actually a complete set of intelligent robot delivery system, which is an important part of ele.me’s future logistics. The system is developed independently by ele.me and can deliver take-out orders of both ele.me, and Baidu. As ele.me’s strategic partner, Shanghai Vanke provides support in the use of robots and the upgrading of interactive experiences.

Ele.me and Vanke said, as the first robot landing in Hongqiao Vanke, more delivery robots will soon enter Shanghai Vanke and will provide more convenient service for different people. In the future, different types of venues, including Vanke, residential, commercial and office buildings, may have robots there.

This article originally appeared in Netease Technology News and was translated by Pandaily.