Ele.me Pilots Smart Helmet Devices Enabling Deliverymen to Process Orders Through Voice Commands

Chinese food delivery giant Ele.me said in a post on Thursday that the company is piloting the promotion of smart helmets. The device is directly connected with smartphones so that the delivery workers, can process orders through voice commands. It also allows users to communicate through a built-in microphone when receiving a call from the consumer to avoid potential safety hazards caused by phone calls during delivery.

The smart helmets are equipped with better scratch and fog resistance wind masks. They also have built-in induction indicator lights, which can automatically flash according to different situations including braking or when there is too little light to warn other vehicles.

Meanwhile, Ele.me said that it was striving to develop a deliveryman security guard system through “online and offline joint safety management,” with smart helmets belonging to the latter.

In terms of online safety management, all deliverymen shall not be required to deliver food in a limited shortest delivery time. Within a short distance, all estimated delivery times shall not be less than 30 minutes. In some cities with complex terrain or special traffic, the estimated delivery time should not be less than 40 minutes to avoid excessive pursuit of speed.

Furthermore, when the deliveryman drives too fast or there is rain and snow, the accident risk probability increases and the safety factor decreases. When the safety factor is lower than a certain range, Ele.me will ensure safety protection in the process of dispatching orders. For example, when the dispatching system recognizes that the deliveryman’s driving speed is too fast, or it comprehensively judges that the deliveryman’s pressure of taking orders may be too high, the system will suspend sending new orders for the deliveryman.

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A deliveryman’s order volume refers to the number of orders received by the person at the same time. If the order volume is too large, the delivery person will have an increased psychological pressure and deliver meals in a hurry. If the order volume is too small, the delivery person will get low income in the same working time.

The dispatching system will provide the upper limit of the recommended order volume. During the novice period, it is not recommended for deliverymen to carry more than three orders. The system will adjust the upper limit of the recommended order volume according to the deliveryman service ability, local regional distribution pressure, weather conditions and other factors.