Enterprise Management Firm Keyfunc Secures Round-A Financing of $15.8M

Keyfunc, which provides enterprises with a digital performance planning and analysis platform, announced on Thursday that it has completed A-round financing totaling nearly 100 million yuan ($15.8 million), led by an internet-focused strategic investor and followed by Xinchao Venture Capital, Gobi Partners China and Yongyou Industrial Investment.

Wang Hualin, CEO of Keyfunc, said that the fresh funds will be used to increase investment in R&D and attract more talent in the field of enterprise project management (EPM).

In recent years, with increasing competition among EPM products, customers’ demand and expectations for products are improving. Developers not only need to meet various management needs within enterprises, but also to help enterprises achieve forward-looking insight and adapt to rapid market changes.

Keyfunc’s core product – a business management platform – includes budgeting, consolidated statements, management report analysis and other applications, which can realize sales forecasts, amoeba management, multi-dimensional profit and loss analysis, cash flow analysis, business simulation and more. Keyfunc focuses on creating an analysis and management system integrating business and finance for enterprises.

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Following the completion of pre-A round financing in March last year, Keyfunc’s business has been expanded to manufacturing, consumption, property, internet services, animal husbandry and other industries. Its consumers include fiberglass maker China Jushi, Hailide New Material and household products maker TOTO. At the same time, Keyfunc released a “consolidated statement management platform” in the first half of last year, which empowered enterprise management and intelligent decision-making.