Euromonitor International: Anker’s Charging Products Rank First Globally

On Monday, Anker announced that it has become the world’s top charging brand, according to statistics released by market research organization Euromonitor International. The data are compiled from Anker’s 2020 retail sales.

Anker has been established for ten years. Since 2013, the company has added PowerIQ, its exclusive fast-charging technology, to the charger for the first time, compatible with many standard protocols. In 2015, an enhanced charging cable was introduced by Anker, which can withstand 5,000 folds. In 2018, Anker applied Gallium nitride (GaN) to its chargers.

The company unveiled that since 2012, Anker has been the top seller on Amazon and other platforms, and its sales volume on Amazon in the United States ranks second only to Apple products. It is also the top brand of consumer electronics on Amazon Japan. In the Chinese market, the Anker Nano series, launched in October 2020, helped the company become the third-party peripheral brand with the largest share of chargers on Tmall and

According to its official website, the Anker Nano series includes a 20W ordinary charger and a One Piece edition. In addition, it includes customized League of Legends edition gallium nitride chargers.

Anker CEO Yang Meng said in an interview on November 9 that Apple and other smartphone manufacturers’ decision to not include wall chargers would provide more opportunities for peripheral manufacturers like Anker.

After smartphone manufacturers gradually began to exclude wall chargers, chargers have changed from an accessory to a brand-new consumption need, because most users did not have the habit of buying chargers before. According to Anker’s survey, about 50% of users will use the old charger at present, but more and more users have begun to buy new chargers. Although many will choose the charger of the smartphone brand they have bought, third-party peripheral manufacturers have attracted more attention from consumers than before.

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Yang Meng added that it is a very important opportunity for third-party peripheral manufacturers not to include chargers randomly, because this allows consumers to fully understand the advantages of third-party peripheral manufacturers’ products compared with the original ones, such as small size, fast charging and strong durability. A single charger can charge all devices, which is more convenient for users to use.