EV Company Faraday Future Denies Rumors of China Headquarters in Hubei

According to a report by National Business Daily on Tuesday, in response to the rumor that Faraday Future (FF), an American EV supplier, will have its China headquarters and new car project settled in Hubei Province, an insider said:”Hubei is only one of the provinces and cities that we intend to contact for settlement, and the location has not been finalized yet. The company is accelerating the settlement and striving to complete it within the year.”

Earlier,  staff members of the company revealed in an interview that FF China is in talks with several local governments, including the government of Zhuhai. The company has 5-6 provinces and cities in its sights, and is accelerating the search for a city to locate its China headquarters.

Last week, Hubei Yangtze River Industry Fund announced that FF China CEO Chen Xuefeng visited the company and had in-depth discussions with the company’s senior management. Topics were said to be about the company’s strategic layout and the cooperation between companies on R&D, production, sales and the operations of a series of the company’s vehicles, including the FF 91, FF 81, FF 71, among others.

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At the same time, the scheduled launch for the FF 91, the company’s first production car, has also been confirmed. One insider spoke on the matter: “FF is progressing steadily on its plan of mass production and delivery of FF 91 in summer 2022. This week, the Hanford factory will receive its production license. According to the latest schedule, the company will ensure that the FF 91 will be delivered on time in July 2022.”