Factory Automation Company Tianjin ANT-FA Bags Several Hundred Million Yuan in Financing

Tianjin ANT-FA, also known as A&T Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., a comprehensive supplier of factory automation (FA) products, announced on Thursday its completion of round-B financing worth several hundred million yuan.

The investment was led by Cowin Capital and Buhuo Venture Capital, followed by Shenzhen Capital Group. In 2021, the company received around 10 million yuan ($1.57 million) in round-A financing from Shenzhen Capital Group. Funds garnered in the latest round will mainly be used for the production of components, development of an IT management platform and a 3D design system.

Sade Automation, the parent company of ANT-FA, was founded in 2002. It started from supplying the volume-based procurement of pneumatic control devices for companies including Japanese leading manufacturer SMC Corporation. Now, it has carried out long-term cooperation with more than 20 brands.

In 2014, Sade Automation launched ANT-FA to adjust customers’ perceptions that it only makes pneumatic products, and gradually built a one-stop platform for FA parts. At present, it covers 96 categories and 496 subcategories, with a total of more than 2 million stock keeping unit (SKU) products.

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ANT-FA provides products for semiconductors, liquid crystals, electronics, new energy and other equipment manufacturers. Its customers include NAURA, Hwatsing Technology and Kingsemi, which are leading manufacturers of semiconductor equipment. At present, the firm has established manufacturing and warehousing centers in the Chinese cities of Harbin, Tianjin and Changzhou. It has independently developed tools including online 3D design tools for model selection and shaped materials DIY design plug-ins.

3C electronics, automobiles and other industrial products cannot be separated from production lines and production equipment. Automation equipment is an indispensable infrastructure in production lines, and industrial parts are the most important components. As the largest country in the global non-standard automation equipment manufacturing market, China has a market size of over 3 trillion yuan, and the country’s industrial parts account for more than 50% of the equipment market, with a market size of nearly 1 trillion yuan.