FlashEx Secures USD 125 Million in Series D2 Round

On March 30, FlashEx, a Chinese logistics startup that provides intra-city express delivery services, raised USD 125 million in the second tranche of a Series D funding round led by Shunwei Capital, Wuyue Capital, SIG, Tiantu Capital, with Lighthouse Venture Capital as a financial consultant.

FlashEx is an express courier that delivers everything from flowers, cakes to personal IDs and gadgets within a city. The company is well-known for its quick delivery process, with orders being made in an average of 1 minute, initial pick-up in 10 minutes, and 60 minutes intra-city delivery.

FlashEx has not only changed the life and work habits of many users, but also led to changes in e-commerce, supermarket, medical care, finance and other industries, thus attracting many investors.

“FlashEx innovates a seemingly traditional industry in the Internet era with algorithms and big data, so as to efficiently match people, goods and transportation in different time and space. With the improvement of life quality and the pursuit of high efficiency, more and more customers are willing to use FlashEx, a point-to-point local express, to get the most timely and high-quality service at a small premium. Since our investment four years ago, FlashEx has grown into a well-known delivery brand. The sustainable boom of FlashEx can be expected,” Gong Ting, the managing director of SIG, one of the investors, said.

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Since its establishment seven years ago, more than 1 million couriers have shuttled through the streets of 222 cities to deal with emergency delivery for more than 100 million users.

Cheng Tian, the partner of Shunwei Capital, argued that Shunwei has always thought highly of excellent enterprises that can solve the bottom problems of consumers, improve social efficiency and shoulder social responsibility.

FlashEx is definitely one of them.

More than 4 million couriers have registered on the delivery platform, and more than 1 million receive orders every day. The annual income of full-time couriers ranges from 100 to 200 thousand yuan.

As a financial consultant, Lighthouse Capital firmly believes in the development potential of FlashEx in a wide range of areas.

“Since its establishment seven years ago, FlashEx has always adhered to the principle of one-to-one urgent delivery. Based on the trust in the platform, customers spontaneously apply it to various innovative scenes, such as queuing, shopping, accompanying, rescuing and so on. The business boundary of FlashEx is broken. We are honored to accompany and assist FlashEx for a more brilliant future!” Zheng Jiongle, founder and CEO of Lighthouse Capital, said.