Former CEO of JD Logistics to Join Energy Firm GCL Group

Wang Zhenhui, former CEO of JD Logistics, a business group within, will soon join Golden Concord Limited Holdings Co., Ltd. (GCL Group), an enterprise committed to the advancement of green, low-carbon and zero-carbon technology, LatePost reported on July 29. Wang will take charge of the mobile energy business and report directly to the chairman of the group.

GCL Group has four listed subsidiaries, including GCL Technology, GCL Integration, GCL Energy and GCL New Energy. Its mobile energy business mainly involves the charging and battery swapping of electric vehicles.

In March this year, Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of GCL Group, said at the China EV 100 Forum that the company is actively building a mobile energy industry ecosystem. The firm and CICC Capital have set up a fund of 10 billion yuan ($1.48 billion) to enter the field of battery swapping. The first batch of battery swapping stations for passenger car and business-used vehicle have been put into operation in half a year. GCL also raised nearly 4 billion yuan in early March.

The service target of GCL’s mobile energy business can be divided into two types: one is online car-hailing platforms, and the other is business-used vehicles, mainly including logistics vehicles and mineral vehicles.

Wang Zhenhui joined in April 2010, and has served as general manager of the North China Branch, head of the Warehousing Department, president of JD Intelligent, and head of JD Mall’s operation systems. In April 2017, with the establishment of JD Logistics, Wang served as CEO of the subsidiary of

At the end of 2020, Wang resigned as CEO of JD Logistics for personal reasons. After leaving for a few months, Wang returned to the company as a consultant to participate in investment-related work.

The mobile energy industry has great potential as new energy vehicles have already generated a large-scale battery swapping network. In January this year, CATL, a major power battery supplier, launched its own battery swapping brand EVOGO. Before this, there were several important players in the field of battery swapping in China, including Aulton New Energy and First Technology, and NIO.

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With the participation of Wang Zhenhui, GCL’s mobile energy business will further develop. On June 15, GCL said on the investor interaction platform that the goal of the company’s mobile energy business in 2022 is to build 300 battery swapping station and serve 30,000 vehicles.