Former Commercial Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group Becomes President of Wanda Automotive

The development of Wanda Automotive’s new business has begun to accelerate. According to a Jiemian News report on Tuesday, Li Hongpeng, the former Commercial Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group (China), joined Wanda Automotive as general manager at the end of December.

Li Hongpeng has 28 years of experience in automobile industry management. He has been engaged in automobile manufacturing, marketing communication, dealer channel planning and construction, enterprise management and strategic planning. Li has also served as Director and Senior Executive Vice President of Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales & Service Co., Ltd, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Ford for the Greater China region and President of Changan Ford National Sales Service Organization.

While working at Mercedes-Benz, Li Hongpeng was recognized by the industry for his marketing efforts. The team he led helped Mercedes-Benz expand its presence in the Chinese market and increase the brand’s overall recognition.

At present, Wanda divides the industrial ecology into three sub-groups: business management, investment and culture. The commercial management group is mainly responsible for the operation and management of Wanda Plaza. The investment group is mainly responsible for the development business of Wanda’s real estate, which can be further divided into South and North Districts, with Liu Guangmin and Qu Xiaodong in charge of each, respectively.

The cultural group is a sub-group with the largest business in Wanda, including film and television, sports, cultural tourism and hospital business. At present, the Wanda Automotive business is assigned to the cultural group. It is led by Zeng Maojun, President of Wanda Culture Group and President of Wanda Media Group, while Li Hongpeng is responsible for its diversified operations.

Wanda Automobile business is positioned in the field of automobile consumption services, focusing on the sales and service of new energy vehicles. On October 11th last year, Wanda and China FAW reached an agreement that would see the two companies work together to develop their services, energy and membership. On December 6th last year, Beijing Wanda Automotive Technology Service Co., Ltd was established with a registered capital of 5 million yuan ($784,400).

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