Former Tencent Games Designer to Build Cars Equipped With Game Console Concept Steering Wheel, Unveiled at Next Week’s Auto Guangzhou

On Tuesday, Qingcheng Times (Shenzhen) Technology held a brand launch conference in Beijing, with core team members appearing, including founder Bian Biao, CEO Mou Lu, and chief scientific officer (CSO) Tong Xiaoyu. The firm did not announce the first model, but said the new car would show at Auto Guangzhou next week.

The founder, Bian Biao, has rich experience in financial services. CEO Mou Lu has 10 years of experience in internet products and games. He was one of the main game designers of Tencent‘s TiMi Studio Group, and used to lead game projects such as “Craz3 Match” and “Parkour Everyday.”

According to the firm, the new car – to be unveiled at Auto Guangzhou – will be equipped with a game console-style steering wheel and an “intelligent” central armrest box, whose details, however, have not yet been disclosed.

Qingcheng Times (Shenzhen) Technology pointed that the frame of the first model was completely independently developed by themselves, and that the firm has applied to patent its body-on-frame structure. The production of the battery, motor and electric control systems are carried out through in-depth cooperation with related enterprises. Because Qingcheng Times does not have the qualification to build a car yet, its first model will be produced by BAIC Ruixiang in Chongqing, and it is expected to be released and delivered in the second half of 2022.

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The firm introduced that the first model will have the super fast charging technology of “charging for 5 minutes, drive 200 kilometers,” which can be realized based on existing charging piles of the state grid. In addition, if customers think that the charging is not convenient enough, they can choose the battery swapping version.

Qingcheng Times is a new energy vehicle manufacturing enterprise headquartered in Shenzhen, with an R&D center in Beijing and a car-building factory in Chongqing. According to commercial inquiry platform Qixinbao, the company was established on June 25, 2021 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan ($1.56 million). Its business scope includes auto parts wholesale and the sale of new energy vehicles.