Former Xiaomi Design Director Nandir Joins ByteDance’s Pico

Tech Planet reported on July 22 that Nandir, the former design director of Xiaomi, has become the social design leader for ByteDance-owned VR firm Pico. He has been engaged in user experience design for more than 10 years, responsible for cutting-edge experience design, leading the creation of products with over 10 million sales volume in aspects such as artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware and virtual reality interactive experience.

According to public information, he joined LKK Design as ID designer, service designer and interaction design leader after graduating from college. After that, he joined Baidu in 2012 and was responsible for the experience design work of projects like Baidu Inc., Baidu Netdisk and Baidu intelligent hardwares.

He joined Xiaomi in 2016, serving as a design director during this period. According to an article by the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, during his tenure in Xiaomi, he set up Xiaomi Technology’s intelligent hardwares design Team, responsible for the experience design of three platform-level core product lines: Xiaomi AI speaker, Xiaomi VR and Xiaomi Router. Among them, he led the brand naming, design and IP operation of Xiaomi‘s voice assistant  “Xiaoai Classmate.”

In 2021, he served as the head of platform design center for a short time at Fiture, then joined ByteDance in 2022 as the new social design leader of Pico.

ByteDance recruited Nandir due to his rich design experience in hardware devices, hoping to give users a better interactive experience at Pico.

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In addition, Jason Ma, the former Director and Head of Xiaomi‘s VR department, has joined Pico as the director of its social center in May this year.

LatePost once reported that many content leaders of ByteDance had transferred to Pico’s departments, setting up content and marketing teams. Ren Lifeng, Head of Xigua Video, Song Binghua, Head of the Douyin Variety Division, and Wu Zuomin, Director of the Douyin Entertainment Division have successively transferred to Pico’s VR products department.