Foton Motor Plans to Produce Electric Vehicles in Mexico, May Cooperate with CATL

On April 27th, it was reported that Foton Motor plans to establish its second factory in Mexico to produce electric vehicles and focus on exporting them to the United States.

Roberto Talavera, the Director of Electric Vehicles at Foton Motor in Mexico, stated that the factory location has not yet been decided, but they are carefully considering Harisco and Aguascalientes states, which already have many major automotive facilities.

The factory is expected to produce both traditional internal combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicles, and will be operational by 2025. Talavera revealed that the expected investment for the plant will exceed $1 billion USD.

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Additionally, Foton Motor plans to become a partner of CATL in Mexico.

Foton Motor opened its first factory in Mexico in the state of Hidalgo in 2017. Talavera said that Foton has been selling electric trucks imported from China in Mexico, but the new factory will enable it to produce vehicles for the local market and eventually export them to the United States.