Freshippo’s “Global Go” Business Undergoes Comprehensive Upgrade

On November 6th, Freshippo announced at the 2023 China International Import Expo that its “Global Go” business will be fully upgraded. It will open more offline experience stores in Freshippo stores to provide consumers with offline experience of imported goods and next-day delivery service online.

At the “Freshippo Global Go” stores, consumers can experience over 1,500 products from more than 20 countries around the world. They can then order online through cross-border e-commerce bonded warehousing mode and have their purchases delivered to their homes the next day.

Freshippo’s “Global Go” business leader, Jia Meng, stated that after a 3-year pilot in Pudong, Shanghai, this “cross-border new retail model” has been expanded to 10 Freshippo X member stores nationwide and some Freshippo stores. It will be gradually promoted throughout the country in the future.

Since the beginning of this year, Freshippo Global Go has achieved a sales growth rate of 78%, opening up new channels for over 200 international brands to enter China.

Jia Meng stated that with the help of this year’s Import Expo, Freshippo has also reached a batch of signed cooperation agreements, covering areas such as maternity and baby products, organic products, health and wellness, alcoholic beverages, etc., allowing more foreign brands and factories to deeply serve the Chinese market. She expressed that from “imported brands” to “imported experience,” Freshippo looks forward to having more brands aspiring to enter the Chinese market and working together with Freshippo Global Go for more innovative development in the cross-border new retail sector.

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In addition to connecting global quality products, Freshippo also focuses on sustainable development initiatives. With the opening of this year’s Import Expo, Freshippo will set up recycling stations in 10 X-member stores. The first batch of brands participating in this green recycling program include Swisse, TooFruit, Melrose, Mead Johnson, and others.

Consumers can return the empty bottles of these products to the store, and Freshippo will give back environmentally friendly bags or samples of products with biodegradable packaging, as well as experience coupons for discounts on full purchases. These coupons can be used through the app or in-store to continue purchasing participating products, forming a virtuous cycle. In addition, Freshippo will also hold family environmental activities in stores to further promote the concept of sustainable developments.