Full-screen Huawei Nova 3e: May be Priced at 1699 yuan

Although the Huawei P20 Lite will not be released until March 27, the Chinese version, the Huawei Nova 3e will debut soon. Recently, promotional posters and photos of the Nova 3e, as well as Huawei’s internal training materials of the Nova 3e, have been released online. It is confirmed that there will be four color versions with 24 MP front lens. The Nova 3e will be released on March 20 as Huawei’s first full-screen handset with notch design.

Leaked photo of the Nova 3e

It has long been rumored that the Huawei P20 Lite will be released under the name of Nova 3e in China. With the release date approaching, Nova 3e promotional posters were revealed online with the slogan “Wind and waves, you are the best”, confirming that the mobile phone will be released as the Nova 3e.

A Huawei retail outlet employee shared a photo of the Huawei Nova 3e on Sina Weibo. The Nova 3e is not very different from Huawei P20 Lite in appearance. It has the popular notch screen with dual cameras on the back and circular fingerprint unlock design. The phone model is ANE-AL00, different from overseas version of ANE-LX1.

Leaked photo of the Nova 3e

24 MP Front Lens

Netizens posted internal training materials of the Huawei Nova 3e online, confirming that the Nova 3e will come in four colors: Klein blue, night black, cherry pink, and platinum gold. The Nova 3e also boasts 24 MP front lens as a selling point. Its front camera has higher pixel count than the back cameras of many other flagships, giving photos a more natural beautifying effect.

The Nova 3e is equipped with 5.84-inch LCD screen with 2280×1080 resolution and 19:9 aspect ratio. It is rumored that the Nova 3e will be Huawei’s first full-screen design with notch, which is another big selling point. The Nova 3e carries the Kirin 659 processor, a 3000 mA battery, and supports 18W fast charging technology.

Nova 3e boasts 24 MP front lens as a selling point

May be priced at $269 (1699 yuan)

The Huawei Nova 3e also features a glass body and comes pre-loaded with the EMUI 8.0 system based on Android 8.0. It has a combination of 16 MP and 2 MP cameras vertically aligned on the back, but those are not Leica-certified lenses. The Nova 3e is equipped with face unlock function and supports memory card expansion. It has a four GB RAM and 64 GB ROM storage version, and high-end version with 128 GB storage.

According to retail channels, the high-end configuration is priced at $364 (2299 yuan). However, other sources say that the maximum price will not exceed $316 (2000 yuan). It is expected that the standard configuration will be priced at $269 (1699 yuan), and the high-end one at $315 (1999 yuan). The Nova 3e and several other Huawei phones will all debut on March 20.

This article originally appeared in Tencent Tech and was translated by Pandaily.