GAC AION V Plus 2023 Version Launched

At the Chengdu Motor Show on August 26, GAC AION launched its 2023 AION V Plus pure electric SUV. The new vehicle is available in 10 versions, including a 7-seat version for the first time, with a suggested price of 189,800 yuan – 269,800 yuan ($27,661-39,320) after subsidies.

At present, the pure electric 7-seat models are all situated in the 300,000 yuan range. GAC AION said that the 2023 AION V Plus with lower price tag is the product to fill this blank market.

The new vehicle has little change in appearance, with a closed grille design on the front. Its length, width and height are 4650/1920/1720mm respectively, with a wheelbase of 2830mm. The SUV adds the newest color of misty green, which has been matched with the interior design integrating oriental design aesthetics.

GAC AION V Plus 2023 Version (Source: GAC AION)

The biggest highlight of the new car lies in its spaciousness. The new car has added the third row of seats while introducing the 2 +3 +2 seven-seat layout. Without increasing the size of the body, the seating space in the car is still considerable, providing consumers with more choices.

The new SUV will be equipped with drive motors that have a maximum power of 165kW and 200kW, and four battery packs with different capacities of 71.8 kWh, 72.3 kWh, 80kWh and 95.8 kWh. The cruising range of NEDC is 500km, 600km and 702km respectively.

GAC AION V Plus 2023 Version (Source: GAC AION)

The new vehicle is based exclusively on the GEP2.0 pure electric platform, which can charge for 5 minutes and go another 112 kilometers. It is the first to use super-speed battery technology and Navigational Driving Assist (NDA).

In addition, the new SUV also has an ADiGO SPACE intelligent console, which allows users to play large 3A games with high frame rates while on the road. Auxiliary driving has also been upgraded, with significant improvements to lane centering and system stability.

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Since January 2022, AION’s sales have continued to rise, with the cumulative sales volume reaching 125,284 units from January to July, a year-on-year increase of 135%.