Galactic Energy’s Jifeng-1 Completes Supersonic Target Flight Test

On April 11th, the Chinese commercial rocket company Galactic Energy successfully completed the supersonic target flight test of “Jifeng-1“. It is the first product of Galactic Energy’s “Jifeng Series”.

Galactic Energy is a Chinese commercial space technology company, and also a national-level specialized and innovative small giant enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise, also a Zhongguancun “Golden Seed” Enterprise.

It has achieved many industry firsts in China, such as the first to achieve continuous successful launches, the first to send commercial network satellites into 500km sun-synchronous orbit, and the first to master the ability of launching multiple satellites with one rocket.

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After investigation, the current business of Galactic Energy Aerospace includes: small and medium-sized solid carrier rocket launch services, manufacturing of solid rocket engines and liquid rocket engines.

However, Jifeng is a new product series from Galactic Energy with high anticipation for its specific use.